WINK News: Freshwater runoff leads to dark water near Sanibel

September 23, 2020

Reporter: Stephanie Byrne
Journalist: Drew Hill
September 23rd, 2020

Dark water has been spotted around Sanibel after recent heavy rain into the Caloosahatchee River. The Army Corps said Lake Okeechobee releases could also occur soon. The question now: If the water looks like this after local runoff, what would it look like after the possible releases?

“Usually it’s got more of an aqua green color to it, but I’ve noticed the last two weeks or so it’s turned more to a darker brown color,” said Dennis Austerman.

He was out on the Sanibel Causeway on Wednesday with his friend Wendy Tuttle and has noticed the water changing. But, they aren’t worried.

“I don’t know. Living here pretty much all my life, this is like a normal thing sometimes in the summer,” said Austerman.

“I don’t think about it” Tuttle added.

The WINK News drone flew over on Wednesday and saw the dark and murky brown water colliding with the green water near Sanibel’s Lighthouse Point.

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