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We are closely monitoring water quality conditions in Southwest Florida. For information and updates please visit our Water Quality Crisis page. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the questions below before filling out the contact us form:
How can I donate?

You’re able to donate through our website, or send a check to the following address:

Captains For Clean Water
PO Box 1653
Fort Myers, FL 33902

If you are donating in memory or in honor of someone, there is the option to signify this when donating through the website. If you would like to do the same via check, please signify this in the memo line.

How can I join the fight?

The best way to join the fight for clean water is to help spread the word about our issue and mission, stay engaged with our efforts, and help spread awareness. From time to time, we need to rally our community to take action on a certain issue, so staying up to date and taking action during those times is crucial for moving the needle on the clean water movement.

The best way to stay up to date on all things Captains is to subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on social media.

If you’re interested in volunteering, fill out our volunteer form here. We’ll reach out when volunteer areas opportunities arise in your area!

If you’re interested in becoming a Captains member, purchase a membership here. Members enjoy perks throughout the year, including member-only discounts, an exclusive member-only Captains Buff, and more!

Do you accept returns & exchanges?

We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of receiving your order. Submit this contact form, and be sure to include your order number. Once we have received your request, we’ll be in touch to get the return/exchange process underway.

How can my brand/company join the fight for clean water?

Captains For Clean Water has several different strategic partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Please note that partnerships must:

  • Align with our organization’s values
  • Strengthen or expand our awareness, outreach, or advocacy efforts
  • Be mission-driven and authentic

As a transparent disclaimer, please understand that Captains For Clean Water’s platform is not to be mis-used as a marketing platform for your brand/company to advertise, expand your reach, or drive sales. This includes Captains social channels and our website, as these platforms are reserved for education and awareness only. Further, Captains For Clean Water will not sell or promote your company’s products on our web-store.

Each partnership will look different than the next, as all partnerships are unique. If your brand/company is interested in joining the fight for clean water, please submit this form with all relevant information, and let us know what you’re looking for!

Will Captains For Clean Water promote my brand’s products or event?

Captains For Clean Water’s website and social media are reserved for education and awareness. We are unable to promote any events, products, etc. on our social media channels and website.

Will Captains For Clean Water sponsor or participate in my event?

Submit this contact form, including all event information available. Please note that Captains receives a high volume of requests and is unable to sponsor/participate in each and every event; nonetheless, we’ll make every effort to accommodate. Once we have received your request, we’ll be in touch to discuss the possibility of Captains sponsoring your event in some capacity.

Will Captains For Clean Water speak to my school/organization/club?

Submit this contact form, including all information available about a potential speaking engagement. While our team has limited capacity, we are eager to get out and connect with our Captains community when we’re able. Speaking engagements should relate specifically to our cause and must be a closed forum (i.e., no festivals or expos).

We ask that you give our team a 30-60 days’ notice prior to the event date, and ask that there be a minimum of 20 people in attendance. There is a possibility for a Captains team member to speak in person to groups in South Florida; we are generally only able to speak virtually with groups outside of South Florida. Once we have received your request, we’ll be in touch to discuss the possibility of a Captains team member attending your event to speak to your group.

Are there research opportunities available?

Science-based solutions are at the heart of Captains For Clean Water education and awareness campaigns. However, Captains is not a team of scientists. We do not conduct environmental research, water testing, or collect water samples. Captains is a grassroots organization that focuses on education and awareness campaigns– we leave the science and research to the experts. We partner with scientific, research-based organizations and institutions that provide us with the science-based solutions that we use in our education and awareness campaigns. Please note this when submitting a request for school projects, speaking engagements, or employment/internship opportunities.

Captains For Clean Water

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