Organization growing team to strategically strengthen the fight for clean water.

Fort Myers, Fla. – Captains For Clean Water has been instrumental in advancing meaningful progress toward Everglades restoration since their founding in 2016, effectively rallying the outdoor industry and business communities to the frontlines of Florida’s fight for clean water.

This month, Captains For Clean Water is expanding their team by two key members with the goal of scaling the organization’s advocacy and outreach efforts and broadening their impact.

Captain Mike Holliday of Stuart, Florida, joins the team as their new Program and Outreach Manager responsible for engaging the outdoor community and growing the organization’s presence on Florida’s east coast. 

Holliday has been in the fishing industry his entire life, starting as a fishing writer for The Miami Herald after pursuing a degree in Aquaculture from Florida Institute of Technology. He’s held marketing positions with major outdoor brands and was president of a grassroots media and marketing company. A fishing guide and outdoor writer since 1986, Holliday works the waters from Jupiter to Vero Beach, specializing in inshore and offshore gamefish. 

“I’ve spent my entire life in, on and around water, it’s only natural that I would fight for it. I look forward to working with industry leaders to find effective solutions to improving and protecting our water quality into the future,” said Holliday, “I never imagined myself as an activist, but after seeing the loss of seagrass and other habitat in the St. Lucie and Indian rivers, it became obvious that it’s time to get active. We can restore what we’ve destroyed.”

Jessica Pinsky of West Palm Beach, Florida, joins Captains For Clean Water as their Director of Public Affairs and Policy, providing the research, analysis and strategic planning the organization relies upon when communicating with local, state and federal elected officials.

Pinsky has been a friend and supporter of Captains since its inception through her affiliations at various nonprofits, where her talents as a government relations and policy professional were well-utilized as an effective advocate for clean water. 

“From a local presence as defenders of clean waterways in southwest Florida, Captains For Clean Water is fast becoming a recognized brand nationwide as a trusted protector of recreational habitats that rely upon pristine waterbodies. It’s an honor to be part of such a dedicated group of individuals who have made this their life’s work and mission,” said Pinsky.

After college, Jessica worked in Tallahassee for the Department of Management Services and continued her governmental affairs career in the private sector. Jessica worked in various public advocacy and policy positions for organizations focused on preservation and conservation of Florida’s natural resources, including The Florida Economic Council where she was the founding executive director and organized businesses for the fight for clean water.

As a 7th generation Floridian, Jessica has a deep, life-long appreciation for all of Florida’s most precious natural resources like the Everglades, which became her passion after moving to Palm Beach County in 2005.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to us more than ever before how much we depend on clean water as a society. Our economy cannot afford another water quality crisis. Captains For Clean Water is doubling down on our efforts to safeguard our most valuable resource and lifeline of our economy,” said Captain Daniel Andrews, Executive Director of Captains For Clean Water, “Our incredible supporters enabled us to add Jessica and Mike to our team of passionate conservationists and their invaluable skills and experience will help advance our vision of clean water and healthy estuaries for future generations.”

About Captains For Clean Water: Founded by fishing guides, Captains For Clean Water is a grassroots 501(c)3 fighting for clean water and healthy estuaries in Florida. Through efforts focused on awareness, education and advocacy, Captains For Clean Water works to advance science-based solutions to Florida’s water management issues and hold policymakers accountable.