Guiding Flow TV – Season Premier – Episode 1

April 8, 2020


Episode 1: Featuring Chris Wittman

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Co-hosted by Capt. Chris Wittman of Captains For Clean Water in search of a Charlotte Harbor Slam

About the Show:

Join Captain Benny Blanco on a journey to the vulnerable pristine waters across Florida and the world, as he chases wild, wary fish with the bold characters and voices who are championing the fight for clean water.

Guiding Flow brings local perspective to a global challenge: Addressing the issues in order to fight for the precious waters that are the lifeblood of all those who find themselves most at home out in the open.

About Captain Benny Blanco:

An award-winning conservationist, tournament-winning fishing guide, ardent mentor and acclaimed television host, Captain Benny spends most of his time deep in his home waters of the Everglades.