Emergency Relief Fund

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Getting guides and captains back to work serving the community.

We recognize that hundreds of SWFL fishing guides and charter captains have been impacted by Hurricane Ian, personally and professionally. With the collapse of the island tourism infrastructure, typical charter business operations have been affected, however, we’ve established an Emergency Disaster Relief Fund that allows us to create new work opportunities for you to take advantage of.

There’s no shortage of work to be done and people who need relief. If you’re a licensed, full-time guide or captain residing in Lee, Collier, or Charlotte County, and are willing and able to use your unique skills and abilities to serve our devastated communities, we invite you to sign up.

Eligible guides are added to a rotating directory and are paired up with clients as opportunities are secured. A CFCW team member will coordinate arrangements with you directly.

Funds are used to employ fishing guides for available and necessary services that benefit SWFL’s healing and recovery, including:

Debris Cleanups

Removing debris from waterways, mangroves, and beaches.

  • Limited to a total of three (3) clean-ups per guide
  • $450.00 per clean-up
  • Pictures of clean-up required

If your boat is inoperable due to Hurricane Ian, you may conduct three (3) clean-up efforts on land.

First Responder Charters

Fishing charters to support mental wellness for Hurricane Ian first responders.

  • $450.00 flat fee for a four (4) hour trip
  • $900.00 flat fee for an eight (8) hour trip
  • CFCW will assign first responders to guides

Water Quality Research

Support universities and organizations with water quality research, monitoring, and testing.

  • $450.00 flat fee for a four (4) hour trip
  • $900.00 flat fee for an eight (8) hour trip
  • CFCW will assign guides to research trips

Sign-up Here

You must be a licensed guide or captain residing in LEE, COLLIER, OR CHARLOTTE COUNTY.

UPDATE: as of 5/17/2023 the Emergency Disaster Relief Fund first responder charters, waterway cleanups, and research trips have been suspended.

Introduced in its place is the Guide Grant Program. We encourage all eligible guides to apply.