Everglades Tour: Giving the Army Corps a Firsthand Glimpse of our National Treasure

January 11, 2022

It was great to get decision makers from the Army Corps of Engineers out on the water in Florida Bay last week. We took Brigadier General Jason Kelly (South Atlantic Division Commander) and Colonel James Booth (Jacksonville District Commander) for a tour of Florida Bay to experience the treasure firsthand.

The health of Florida Bay is directly dependent on restoration projects and operational procedures that fall under the responsibility of the Army Corps, so we were grateful to provide these leaders with a fresh perspective of this precious resource. As it was their first time on the water in Florida Bay and the Everglades, our 97-mile boat tour made for an extremely impactful educational experience.

Pictures and videos can show the beauty of Florida Bay, but unless it’s experienced firsthand, it’s hard to understand how truly valuable it is—and how important it is that we protect it.

Big thanks to everyone that helped make this happen:
  • Eric Eikenberg (CEO, Everglades Foundation)
  • Steve Davis, Ph.D. (Chief Science Officer, Everglades Foundation)
  • Ron Bergeron (Governing Board Member, SFWMD)
  • Sean Cooley (Communications and Public Engagement Director, SFWMD)
  • Chris Peterson (Owner of Hell’s Bay Boatworks)
  • Capt. Benny Blanco (Fishing Guide)
  • Capt. Nestor Alvisa (Fishing Guide)
  • Capt. Alexyz Milian (Fishing Guide)