WINK News: Franklin Lock preparing for Lake Okeechobee releases

October 12, 2020
Reporter: Andrea Guerrero
Journalist: Drew Hill
October 11th, 2020

Crews are making room for more water ahead of the Lake Okeechobee releases scheduled to start this week.

Many in Southwest Florida are preparing as the water could arrive as early as Tuesday.

“They have the tunnel locks open probably in attempt to lower the canal level here in anticipation for the discharges that are on the way next week,” said Chris Whittman who is the Co-Founder and Program Director for Captains for Clean Water.

They are making room for discharges of water and the concerns it will bring. “One is our water quality, we know that there’s a tremendous amount of nutrients and legacy pollution in the lake and those foul algae blooms as we saw in 2018,” Whittman said.

People here in Southwest Florida remember that 2018 sight all too well.

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