News-Press Guest opinion: Coasts unite, urge Army Corps to adopt more equitable Lake Okeechobee plan

June 12, 2021
By: Capt. Daniel Andrews
June 12th, 2021

When Captains For Clean Water was founded in 2016, our tagline was ”Three estuaries. One solution.” And that could not be more true today.

As the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers defines the parameters for a new Lake Okeechobee operational schedule between now and July 2021, stakeholders from the affected estuaries and communities are standing united in our desire to send water south to mitigate impacts to both the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers.

The new operating manual, called LOSOM, will replace the current flawed operating system and provide a new framework for how the Corps manages the lake for the next decade. Depending on how it’s written, LOSOM has the ability to offer near-immediate relief to the estuaries, so it’s critical that the Corps gets it right.