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Calling all skiff manufacturers! Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate endurance race?

If interested in joining the 2019 Skiff Challenge, first review the rules and qualifying criteria. If you make the cut, fill out the application at the bottom of the page. May the best skiff win!


The Skiff Challenge is designed to raise awareness about Florida’s water issues. By competing in the Challenge, we collectively as manufacturers have the opportunity to raise funds that can be allocated toward efforts that help support our industry and the wellness of the recreational angler.


Each team member is expected to conduct themselves with the utmost professional courtesy toward other team members, teams, sponsors, representatives, viewers, and supporters. The Florida Skiff Challenge has the right to refuse any builder or team from participating in the event due to unsportsmanlike conduct or what may be deemed as unprofessional conduct or behavior.


Failure to follow the established rules of the Skiff Challenge will result in disqualification of your team and your skiff. ALL DATES, TIMES, AND LOCATIONS ARE TO BE CONFIRMED. FINAL SCHEDULE WILL BE RELEASED TO TEAMS WEEK PRIOR TO EVENT.

  1. A $5,000 entry fee is required from each approved team.
  2. Each team will consist of four (4) members. Two (2) members will be in the “Chase Vehicle” providing support and assistance for fueling and aiding in any repairs. Two (2) members will be navigating in the skiff. Teams cannot consist of more than four (4) members. The two (2) individuals that are designated for the “Chase Vehicle” may not rotate with the two (2) team members in the skiff.
  3. All teams will launch the evening of, April X, 2019, (TBA) from a TBD location in Pensacola. Once all teams are in the water, the start of the Challenge will be signaled and the race will begin.
  4. Team members in the skiffs are required to wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) during the entire race.
  5. Once the skiff enters the water, it cannot be removed for any reason. If repairs need to be made to the skiff, they must be done in the water, at a dock, or on a sandbar. If the skiff is loaded on a trailer or removed from the water, the team is disqualified.
  6. Each team must have the following items onboard:
    • VHF Radio
    • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
    • GPS Tracking Device (brand/model TBD)
  7. Each team’s GPS tracker will need to be registered on the FSC website three (3) days prior to the start. GPS tracker must be installed on the skiff and functioning as they make their way to the starting location. This allows the administrative team to verify all participants or identify any issues during travel.
    • Each team is responsible for ensuring their GPS tracker is working properly during the entire Challenge.
  8. Teams may use additional navigational aid(s) for the Challenge as deemed necessary.
  9. All skiffs must be 18’ or smaller. LOA’s greater than 18’ will not be allowed.
  10. Fuel tank capacity is limited to a 22-gallon tank. This must be verified by a manufacturer’s data stamp or label on the tank.
  11. All skiffs are limited to a 70-horsepower engine or smaller. Teams can run any engine in this class.
  12. Teams must work with their chase crew to find appropriate fueling locations for their vessel. All fueling must be done from land-based public or commercial facilities. Fuel must be provided by chase crew or a place of purchase. Fueling may not be done from another vessel or provided by an individual other than the chase crew.
  13. Teams cannot trade any items or supplies from another vessel to their vessel. All supplies must be received from chase crew on land.
  14. Teams will be required to navigate waters from the starting location (TBD) in Pensacola, to the Southernmost point of Key West, then to the ending location (TBD).
    • One required media stop will be named prior to the Challenge. All teams will be required to make a stop at this location. No work or re-fueling can be done during the media break. Once the designated time has passed, the teams can re-fuel, make repairs or continue the Challenge.
  15. Teams are expected to comply with all state and federal rules and regulations, including posted signs and markers.
  16. Once the team has reached the Southernmost Point of Key West, they are required to document their arrival with a picture of one of the skiff team members in front of the monument (waterside).
  17. The first team to reach the dock at the end location (TBD) wins.
  18. Any protests must be submitted to the race officials within 30 minutes of race completion by the team with the objection. Must include documented video proof of accusation. All participants are subject to a polygraph.


The Skiff Challenge is open to U.S. boat manufacturers engaged in a full-time pursuit of manufacturing and selling a line of boats. Hobby builders and kit boats do not qualify. Manufacturer must have a Coast Guard Manufacturer ID issued at least one year ago. Manufacturer must be an active, state-registered business able to provide documentation for verification. Manufacturer must build their participating skiff in production and offer for sale the type of boat entered. Prototypes are not allowed.



The Race begins at 5:00pm CST on Thursday, April 4, 2019.

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