In 2018, Captains For Clean Water created a partnership with Costa, a Florida-based manufacturer of polarized sunglasses, to identify and honor individuals who are using their resources and platforms to bring awareness to water quality issues and Everglades restoration.

The individual is named ‘Costa’s Captain For Clean Water’ and is presented with the Steward of the Year Award. The award was given for the first time last year to Captain Benny Blanco, South Florida fishing guide and host of Florida Sportsman Watermen, a nationally-televised show that features incredible fisheries around Florida and the thread that ties them all togetherclean, healthy water. 

Blanco reminds viewers, “Every one of you is a steward for the water you fish. The more you understand that and use it in your daily life, the more we educate the people around us and can see real change in the future.”

This year, the Steward of the Year Award was presented to Captain Tom Rowland, owner and co-host of Saltwater Experience Television show, producer of the TV shows Into the Blue, Sweetwater and Fitness Truth, social media visionary at Se Multimedia, and co-founder of Waypoint TV, an online collective of fishing and hunting shows.

Captain Daniel Andrews, Captains For Clean Water co-founder, said, “Rowland has hosted multiple podcasts and shows this year that were centered on the topic of Everglades restoration and the progress being made. Through all of his communication channels, he’s consistently inspired the outdoor community and his audience to take action in order to fix our water here in Florida.”

Rowland invited Capt. Daniel Andrews to fish with him on an episode of Saltwater Experience and talk about the state of the Everglades. Rowland is a passionate advocate for the state’s fisheries and his voice is critical to getting the outdoor industry involved in protecting the waters we love and enjoy.

“Change is all about staying positive and TAKING ACTION,” said Rowland, “Give your time, give your money, give your vote to make sure that we continue to head in the right direction. Get educated and help to educate others. THANK YOU for being a part of what will be the greatest conservation story of our lifetime. STAY INVOLVED!”

Costa is recognized as a conservation leader in the outdoor industry launching initiatives such as Kick Plastic, their movement to reduce the amount of plastic we use, and Untangle Our Oceans, an effort to prevent discarded nets from polluting our oceans and harming marine life.

Costa donated $5,000 in Tom Rowland’s name to help advance the mission of Captains For Clean Water.