Captains For Clean Water was founded out of necessity and with a singular mission: Restore the Everglades, save Florida’s water.

By remaining focused on this mission and the objectives required to quickly and effectively achieve it, the organization has grown a large, active supporter base that shares their views and priorities for Everglades restoration. Captains For Clean Water began as two fishing guides, but is now hundreds of thousands of voices that are proving effective and proactively making progress toward change-based policy and solutions for Florida’s water crisis.

At three-years-old, the organization has charted plans for growth, previously initiating a search for a Director of Operations to organize and oversee daily operations and to help achieve strategic goals through support of initiatives and internal operations.

Captains For Clean Water is excited to now announce the addition of their new Director of Operations, Noelle Casagrande. “I’m thrilled to come aboard and serve this crucial mission while developing the Captains team and brand for short- and long-term success,” says Casagrande.

Captain Noelle Casagrande brings 15 years of experience in marketing, media relations, C-suite communications, and corporate giving. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Public Relations and Business, Noelle worked across a variety of organizations spanning retail, hospitality/tourism, and nonprofit, accelerating their relevancy, growth, and success. Noelle has been recognized by media and prominent business groups for professional excellence, community service, mentoring, and leadership. Growing up in Southwest Florida, Noelle is an avid boater, Master Captain, and dedicated advocate for the sustainability of our marine habitats.

Casagrande will manage the overall performance and growth strategy needed to scale the organization, a key component of their future impact and sustainability. Her new role will include developing strategy, overseeing partnerships and vendors, building the culture and team, establishing policies and operating procedures, managing operating expenses and budget, optimizing retail offerings and expanding distribution.

Captain Daniel Andrews, Co-Founder and Executive Director, says, “The reach and impact of Captains grew quicker than any of us expected. We’ve known that if we’re going to continue to be effective, we needed to build a team of strong, experienced individuals with the same dedication to fixing Florida’s water. Noelle brings with her many years of experience and we’re excited to have her help in shaping the organization as we grow.”