By NBC 2 News at 11/  Apr 05, 2019 11:46 AM

Beautiful weekend for boating, but look at what happened with this disturbances have moved across Florida yesterday. Some really stormy weather that basically slid down the panhandle late in the evening. There was also another group of very brave individuals who were coming down the panhandle, riding down the panhandle coast try to raise that storm out well mother nature wins every single time. If you are familiar with the fishing community or you just familiar with the Captains For Clean Water, the advocate for the health of our waters here in Southwest Florida and across the entire state. They have something called the Florida Skiff Challenge; essentially they’re raising money and benefit Captains For Clean Waters. The started the race with small skiff boats like the one showing on screen. They were racing through that storm and thankfully everybody made it out safely. Really nasty storm and pretty wild ride they just had. They are going to be passing through Southwest Florida along the coast over the next day or day and a half.

—Source: NBC 2 News at 11