By NBC 2 News at 6 /  April 05, 2019 06:17 PM EDT

It was a rough day for boaters competing in this year’s Florida Skiff Challenge. The 1300 mile race begins in Pensacola; boaters travel all the way around the Florida coastline and the first team to get to Jacksonville wins. The race started yesterday, but this is what boaters had to deal with. The storm moving through the panhandle dumping rain on the 4 teams competing. Look at it; they were posting videos of their journey on Facebook, organizers say boats tried to get ahead of the storm, but as you can see they could not, luckily they all made it through ok. Here’s a look at where they are, this is a live GPS map showing them where the teams are, each skiff you see is marked with a triangle, so they are headed right our coastline right now.

—Source: NBC 2 News at 6