Our Featured Photographers have a Passion for Clean Water and Healthy Estuaries.

Captains For Clean Water has partnered with these artists due to their skill, and passion for a healthy Everglades. These photographers artistically capture the destruction of the resources, as well as the beauty of what we have left to inspire other to get involved with the conservation of this incredible resource.

Jason temple- Captains for Clean Water Featured Photographer


My father took me for my first Everglades visit when I was eleven. We drove eighteen hours to get there, and I still flash back to the sights and sounds of that very first trip each time I take the left turn and pass Robert is Here. Since my father’s passing, I’ve returned many times including a stint back in 2011 as Artist in Residence (earning me the title Everglades Fellow), dozens of days fishing and photographing on the water from the far south-eastern park boundaries near Key Largo all the way to where the mangroves turn to lily pads deep in the backcountry, and more recently with my daughters to continue the tradition. As a photographer specializing in fishing, wildlife and nature, I have a vested interest in protecting wild places, but more so, I hope we can protect one of the greatest wild places on earth so that my daughters’ children and their children can see a crocodile slip off of a pristine beach or hear the barred owls calling from deep in the mangroves or perhaps feel the rattle of a 100 pound tarpon’s gills as it opens a crater in the ocean.

Katy dance - Captains For Clean Water Featured Photographer


I grew up in SWFL, and as teenager I would help my mom with cleaning jobs on Captiva. Looking at the turquoise waters, I always thought this place was magic, a place that was so sacred and so wild. Now, 16 years later, I can’t even stomach looking at what has happened to our ecosystem. Tourists have no idea what they’re missing out on, the birds are gone, the fish are in the same position, and mysteriously, people have begun having health issues related to exposure to our waters that didn’t seem to exist before.

I am an underwater photographer and huge advocate of clean, happy water. To have clean water is one of our basic human rights which is being taken from us more and more, for no reason other than what appears to be greed. I have been so grateful to have experienced the river of the Calusa before it was changed so drastically, I know we can get back to that place, which as described by Karl Abbott in 1897 held .”..Indian curlew, lady of the lake, blue crane, egret, white ibis and countless thousands of other birds ‘of marvelous plumage.’” When I worked as the photo editor for Scuba Diving magazine, I would see hundreds of images of ecological torment from around the globe. Florida should be so far ahead of the mentality of a third world government when it comes to our lifeblood- the environment. We have the resources, and the backing of our citizens… I say: no more dirty water, for us, or for our children.