Hell’s Bay Boatworks was formed to create the perfect fishing boats. The company’s namesake, “Hell’s Bay”, is a body of water located deep within Everglades National Park. Navigating through the narrow creeks and shallow bays to get to “Hell’s Bay” requires a skiff that can run in very shallow water, turn on a dime and also cross larger bodies of water in rough conditions. On top of that, the skiff must provide anglers with enough dry storage, and a stable platform for flyfishing or spincasting.

Hell’s Bay Boatworks currently produces 9 different boats specialized for a variety of inshore and nearshore applications. Today, Hell’s Bay boats are used by the most highly revered guides in the southeast United States, as well as recreational anglers seeking the ultimate fishing experience.

Captains for Clean Water partnered with Hell’s Bay Boatworks due to the company’s deep roots and heritage in the fishing community and boatbuilding industry. The team at Hell’s Bay Boatworks, led by Chris and Wendi Peterson, is very passionate about the boats they build, and equally passionate about protecting the environment that supports their business. Florida’s marine industry creates a $15.3 billion annual economic impact to the state, and provides 183,000 jobs, which is a powerful force that local, state and federal policymakers simply cannot ignore.

We will keep this page up to date with exciting news from the Hell’s Bay & Captains for Clean Water partnership!