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Education & Awareness Team Member

Captains For Clean Water (CFCW) is looking for a highly motivated individual to join the Education & Awareness (E&A) team. We need someone who cares deeply about the future of our waters to help the E&A Team expand its digital efforts to spread the word far and loud.

The primary responsibility of this job is building upon the work of two talented content creators by creating and implementing strategies for lead capture, automated marketing, and communication. This role is a new position that requires experience in lead cultivation, automated marketing, and an understanding of strategic communications.

This job is fast paced and demanding, but the mission behind the work is something you won’t find anywhere else. For those that are still reading and considering applying, you understand that the fight for clean water is much bigger than just a job, and that the fulfillment from being able to dedicate your life to its success is priceless.

Role Responsibilities

  • Utilize social media ads to generate new website traffic and qualified email leads
  • Collaborate with content producer and paid media partner to create and place ads
  • Analyze data using historical data benchmarks for lead acquisition
  • Design and optimize website and landing pages for conversions
  • Collaborate with E&A team to ensure proper content is on the website for users to gain the information they need
  • Identify and focus on data points and patterns that track lead progression
  • Design, develop, implement, track, and constantly improve automated communication campaigns that educate, nurture, and convert new leads based on multiple KPIs

How To Apply

Interested in applying? 

That’s great! We want to hear more about why you’d like to join the team. Along with your resume, we want you to tell us WHY clean water is so important to you. Let’s call it your why clean water. You can convey your why clean water however works best for telling your story. That might be a video, a visual, a graphic, a written document, a slam poetry session—it doesn’t matter, just get creative and give us your WHY.

Application Submission: 

Submit the following to [email protected]

  • Resume
  • Your why clean water
Thanks for your interest in applying!