Since Captains for Clean Water was founded in 2016, the organization’s supporter base has expanded at an unbelievable rate. This comes as no surprise with water crisis after water crisis causing environmental destruction and affecting millions of Florida residents and businesses. People are fed up watching history repeat itself and they demand a solution: stop polluting our waters and fix the Everglades.

Captains for Clean Water believes that the way to implement change is first through education, advocacy, and awareness. The more people who are aware of the problem, the stronger their voice becomes, and the more valuable and urgent the desire to fix it. Our policymakers have failed us, and it’s up to ALL of us to make a difference.

Founders Daniel Andrews and Chris Wittman spend the majority of their time on the road carrying out this mission. Meeting with state and federal agencies, partner organizations and elected officials. Hosting grassroots events and establishing brand partnerships with outdoor industry leaders. Organizing grassroots lobbying days in Tallahassee and Washington. Speaking at schools, clubs and communities. All with the same intention: to expand the reach, impact, and effectiveness of the movement so that science-based solutions are implemented in a timely manner.

As the demands of their mission increase, so does the need for more frequent and effective distribution of information.

Enter their newest addition to the team, Alycia Page. Page is a long-time Captains for Clean Water supporter, blogger, and outdoor communicator who is excited to join the team as a Communications Manager. Page graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a marketing degree and spent nearly 10 years working in marketing, communications, branding, and project management, specializing in enthusiast-driven and outdoor brands. 

An avid outdoorsman, Page experienced the impacts of the 2016 Lake Okeechobee discharges firsthand while fishing the waters of Sanibel. She attended the first-ever CFCW fundraiser at Fort Myers Brewing Co. and has helped socialize CFCW’s efforts through social media and write-ups on her blog, even traveling to Washington to help document Captains’ push for the EAA Reservoir authorization and funding. Page has spent her life fishing and hunting throughout Florida and is passionate about highlighting and preserving what’s left of the wild places we love.

“Our immediate priority is to institute a monthly newsletter that will keep supporters informed on the issues, updated on our progress as an organization and aware of what they can do to help,” said Page. “Consistent communication with our members and supporters will result in more educated and engaged advocates. That’s what Captains for Clean Water is all about.”

Captains for Clean Water will continue to implement new measures and tactics to optimize the ways they engage with their supporters, media and other entities. Other immediate plans include relaying more information via social media and better utilizing earned media.

Says Daniel Andrews, Executive Director of Captains for Clean Water, “We have our work cut out for us and we’re not going to let off the gas. We wouldn’t continue to exist without the help of our supporters and it’s important to us that we continue to find ways to stay in-tune with them.”