On July 13, professional bass angler Bobby Lane hosted his first-ever Bobby Lane’s Kids Fishing and Conservation Clinic, an event intended to teach kids the basics of fishing and conservation with proceeds benefiting Captains For Clean Water. The event was held at Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge Marina & RV Resort, a historic fish camp located among the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes in Lake Wales, Florida.

Bobby Lane shared his motivation for creating the event, “I love to fish! I also enjoy the outdoors! Fishing is a true passion of mine and I want it to be enjoyable for the youth—our future fishermen and women. That’s why the Bobby Lane Fishing and Conservation Clinic and the Bobby Lane Cup support Captains For Clean Water 💦”

Over one hundred youth anglers enjoyed a full day of hands-on activities that included knot tying, tackle, cast netting, boating safety, casting, and conservation, and got the chance to learn from representatives from the International Game Fish Association, Yamaha, Berkley, and Captains For Clean Water (CFCW). 

CFCW co-founder Captain Daniel Andrews said of the event, “It was great to see leaders in the industry like Bobby Lane and Yamaha using their platforms to educate the next generation on the importance of healthy ecosystems, sustainable fisheries, and being stewards of the environment.”

After the activities were completed, kids retreated to the river to spend the day fishing and put their new skills to the test using the rod, reel, and tackle they received for participating in the event.

“It’s not often in today’s world that you see kids step away from technology. For the entire day, I never saw a single kid with a cell phone in their hands,” said CFCW co-founder Captain Chris Wittman, “They were completely engrossed in the outdoors and what they were learning about. It reminded me of the stuff I did as a kid.”

Andrews echoed those sentiments, “It was encouraging to see so many young people showing an interest in the outdoors, not just the activities, but in understanding the importance of conserving and protecting the resources.” 

Captains For Clean Water was honored to be a part of the event and looks forward to participating in the next one.